5 Questions you should ask every customer

October 28, 2019

Feedback is a valuable gift that provides an insight to the ‘consumer mind’. Whether positive or negative, it provides the opportunity to reflect, learn and ultimately improve your business for the consumer.

It’s good to be curious about what your customers think of your business so don’t be scared to ask for feedback. If you have never done this before or simply want to improve your feedback process, take a look at our top 5 questions below. You can ask your customers these questions face-to-face, give them a phone call or ask them to fill in a form. Remember to take time to reflect on the feedback provided and act on it. When customers see you have made positive changes in response to their comments this will likely boost their loyalty and increase referrals.

1. What made you come to us in the first place?

First things first, find out why your customers engaged with your business. Understanding what attracted them in the first place can provide a focus for future marketing campaigns, plus it gives you an opportunity to work on other areas that may attract new customers. This is also a great way to find out which marketing channels have worked and are worth investing in again.  

2. What is the one thing that we do better than others you do business with?

This gives you the opportunity to find out what differentiates your business from your competitors. Pick out the key words and phrases that they mention, collate these every month and see what repeatedly comes out on top. You will not only find out what customers value about your business but it is also a chance to spot weaknesses you may need to work on.


3. What is one thing we could do to create abetter experience for you?

Your team can spend hours putting their heads together coming up with ideas to create a better customer experience. Why not save this time by letting the customers do the work for you? They might come up with some innovative ideas you would never think of.


4. Do you refer us to family and friends, and if so, why?

If your customers are willing to refer your business to their family and friends then you know you’ve gained their trust.This is another learning opportunity to understand if you are receiving new customers through this avenue and on what grounds they are being referred to you.

5. What would you Google to find a business like ours?

Knowing the keywords and phrases your customers type in to Google is a fantastic way to boost your online presence. You can incorporate these keywords into your website so that it ranks higher on search engine results pages (SERP). This is extremely important because potential customers will come across your business before your competitors.

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