6 Marketing No-No's!

April 23, 2019

As a healthcare professional, marketing is unlikely to come in to your day-to-day working schedule. But, to maintain and grow your client base it is an essential tool to ensure the success of your business. We have come up with 6 marketing no-no’s, so that whether you do your marketing in-house or with an external healthcare marketing agency, you can make sure these are accounted for.

1. No marketing strategy

First things first. In order to market your business, you need to have a marketing strategy which details all of your marketing goals and objectives in the long-term. Once you know what you want to achieve through your marketing strategy, a marketing plan can be drawn up which will describe the specific marketing activities you will focus on to achieve your business goals. Put simply, a marketing strategy provides guidance, and gives you something to measure results against.

2. No blog

Blog’s create valuable content and search engines love this. Regular, quality content will boost your websites ranking on SERPs (search engine results pages) and drive more traffic to the website. But don’t just create content for the sake of it. You can actually provide useful information to your clients which will keep them coming back for more. But ‘what do I write?’ I hear you say! Take a look at our last blog post 10 Step Guide to Writing the Perfect Blog Post for inspiration.

3. No SEO

Failing to implement SEO is a big no-no. SEO is essential to get your website noticed and ranked high on SERPs. Think about the last thing you Googled, how many search results did it return? Did you look past the first page of results? This is exactly why SEO is so important, if you don’t work on it your website will stay hidden in the depths of Google which means potential customers will not find your business online.

4. No social media accounts

Social media accounts create another avenue for customers to find your business. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, the more that you can stay active on the better. These free platforms allow you to share content which can be liked and shared by others which in turn increases your brand visibility. Social media platforms also provide a means for you to stay in touch with your customers, which can improve customer relationships and loyalty.

5. No data measurement or optimisation

An advantage of online marketing is that you can easily measure data with analytical tools. These tools show you where your website traffic is coming from so you know how to best focus your attention and resources.

6. No customer retention strategies

Retaining your customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones, but it does require some input on your part by implementing customer retention strategies. Your customers need to feel appreciated and engaged with your business and in return they will provide loyalty, feedback and they are likely to be more forgiving should any errors occur!

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