Benefits of Re-branding

January 2, 2019

Following our previous post ‘Do I need to rebrand?’, this post outlines how a rebranding strategy will benefit your business and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Connecting with people

A huge benefit of rebranding is that it creates a buzz around your brand, which attracts old and new target customers. Old customers will feel valued as the brand has made a conscious effort to improve its image. New customers will want to engage with a brand that is fresh, innovative and responds to changing markets. Increased connections lead to enhanced customer trust and loyalty and ultimately improves business prospects.

Gain advantage over competitors

A rebrand can set you apart from the competition and position your business as an industry leader. A successful business should be leading the way, pushing boundaries and showing its customers that it is continually working on providing a better product or service for its customers.

Stay current

Your branding may have been current 10 years ago, but over time this is likely to become outdated. The advantage of keeping your brand current is that it shows your customers you are proactive, responding to market changes, showing that your business is evolving. Don’t forget you need to stay true to your original values and story.

Add value

It’s a fact that great branding adds value to your business. Customers are more likely to choose a well branded business over a poorly-branded one. Rebranding is a great tool to exhibit what your business has achieved and inform customers of your new goals.

Distance yourself from negative press

A rebrand gives your business the opportunity to reinvent itself and move away from any negative connotations. It can be difficult to change a customer’s impression, especially if it is negative. But a rebrand will provide a fresh image and give your company a new start if it needs it.

Bring clarity to an acquisition

Bringing together two or more businesses can create a lot of uncertainty for employees, customers and stakeholders. The advantage of a rebrand is that it provides clarity and a new direction to focus on.

Boost your bottom line

What it all comes down to is increasing your bottom line. A major benefit of rebranding is that it leads to an enlarged customer base, and with increased sales come increased profits.

If you have any questions on rebranding or want to find out how 2xN can help you with your rebranding strategy then please contact us here.

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