Content, content, content!

October 19, 2018

Content is king. While this term may make your eyes role, there is actually some validity behind it. Unique, high-quality and authentic content on your website or social media pages can lead to consumer trust through increased interaction. Whichever medium you are delivering this information, there are many advantages to providing high-quality content.

Take a look at our top 5:

1 - Good for SEO

In order to appear in those first few results on a search engine results page (SERP) your content must be unique to separate you from the competition.

Regular content is also key to appearing in the highest organic search results. It is suggested to have regular content of approximately 300-500 words with links and naturally placed keywords. But do not blurt out any old rubbish, quality is important. The aim is to have consumers like and share your content to increase SEO.

See our recent blog boost on SEO to understand its importance in establishing a good search ranking result.

2 - Encourages engagement

Good content engages the consumer with the brand and will attract more readers. If the consumer likes what they read, they are going to come back for more, they are also more likely to share it amongst peers which increases exposure of your brand. To increase engagement, share new content on as many platforms as possible to reach a wide audience.

3 - Generates new leads

By standing out from the crowd with good content this can create new leads and potentially new customers. Furthermore, sharing quality content on a regular basis will gain the trust of consumers and you will become their natural choice. Do this right and you can become one of the leaders in your field.

4 - Adds value to your product or service

Educating consumers on a product or service creates a relationship between the brand and consumers where the consumer is getting added value for their money. Therefore, the content needs to be useful to attract the consumer. By investing your time in creating high quality content consumers understand that you care about them and this creates a personal connection. This is something that cannot be done at a flick of a switch, to gain consumer loyalty time must be invested to create high quality content.

5 - Increases traffic

Excellent content increases SEO which in turn drives traffic to your website. As previously mentioned the key is to keep your content up-to-date, consistent and of good quality. Think about it, when you visit a website or blog you are there to find out information, if there is not much on offer you quickly move on. You want to attract visitors to your site and get them to stay and this ultimately drives more traffic.

It is clear that brilliant content brings many advantages to your business. If you would like to find out how we can help with your website, blog or social media content please contact us here.

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