Creating the 'perfect' brand and website

May 26, 2020

At 2xN, we will often have doctors and surgeons that work in the private sector come to us and ask us to help grow their name and clinic. Mr Pietro D’Urso came to us for this exact reason, and this is how we did it!

Create a website

When creating a website there are lots of factors that you must consider to ensure that you get the perfect end result. This includes:

Font – for Pietro’s website we used a sans serif, rounded font that is easy to read. It is important that you use a font that is not too harsh, as this can make it look like a newspaper article.

Colour – the NHS is always associated with a royal blue. To keep it in the health care ‘vibe’ we also decided to use a blue. Blue represents freedom, trust and cleanliness which provides a positive reinforce for patients.

Images – Pietro runs his clinic in Manchester, so to keep it relevant, we used skyline images that were taken in Manchester.

‘About page’ – we always like to include an ‘about page’ on our websites that we design. This helps to give it a more personal touch and make the patient feel more conformable in their care.

Easy to navigate – if the website is hard to move around and not well thought out, then you may be pushing people away. It is important to make sure that your website has clear, relevant sections and that it is easy for the patient to get in contact if they want to. On Pietro’s website we have the following pages:
1. Home
2. Areas of expertise
3. Mr D’Urso
4. Contact
5. Blog

As well as social links at the top of the page

Blog section – Publishing blogs is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you keep your brand and name out there. Regular, new content can help you to boost your search engine optimisation, and therefore hopefully have more traffic coming through your website.

Photoshoot of your client – before we launched Pietro website, we made a trip to Manchester. During which we took a number of different photos, to ensure that we have high quality image for the website.

Social media

When marketing for a client we always use social media platforms to help get their name out there. The platform that we use differs depending on who we are trying to market to. The average age of people who use Facebook are 40 years old, so this is the perfect place to reach the people that we want to sell the service to.


When designing a logo, we must try incorporate the client’s colour and theme. For Pietro this was blue and neurosurgery; which can be represented with a brain. The best way to come up with the perfect logo is trial and error. We aim to make 5-7 different logos, then bring it down to two or three logos that you like. We then refine the logos until you find one that is perfect. You will know once you have made the right on!

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