Digital marketing secret weapons

May 11, 2020

Marketing is a process by which a business promotes and sells their product or service to the public. But what does digital marketing mean?

Digital marketing is the use of the internet and social media to get your product or service out there and reach a wider audience than you otherwise you would be able to. For a business like 2xN, it is important that we have our go-to tools to ensure that we meet our target audience and use our time in the most efficient way possible. For all of our clients we use on Canva, Hootsuite and hashtags to help us achieve this.

1. Canva

Canva is an online application that is used to create graphics. At 2xN we use it to create logos, social media posts and other exciting things like gifs. Canva gives us access to millions of images, fonts, illustrations and temples. The best part - on Canva there is a ‘palette’ option; this means that we can save each clients colours, fonts, uploads and creations in one easy access place. Before Canva we tried other similar platforms, however we found that this is the best one, in terms of usability and facilities that are available.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that supports networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, along with others. By using Hootsuite, you are able to schedule all your social media posts on various different platforms at the same time. For all of us at 2xN, this is a key tool to have; this allows us to schedule our social posts ahead of time. This is very important to help us stay ahead of the game, as it means that we can plan for the future and have it all sorted before it goes out to the public. As we each work with around 10 clients, who all have various different social media, posting could be a very long process if we did not have access to Hootsuite. This is vital to help us keep organised and have as much time as possible for the more challenging tasks.

3. Hashtags

A hashtag is a key word that is used within a social media post to help get the attention of people who might be interested in the topic. For example, you could use the ‘#Spinalsurgery’, which makes it easier for someone to find your brand and therefore have you in mind for a spinal surgery. On each of our posts that we put out for clients, we aim to have at least 5 hashtags from three different categories; high hitting (over 1 million posts), medium hitting (around 100,000 posts) and low hitting (usually between 100-1,000 posts). By using a number of different hashtags, we are able to reach a higher number of people who may benefit from knowing about our brand. We strongly recommend using hashtags on every post; it is a quick and easy way of promoting and getting your name out to the public.

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