How exercise & healthy diet helps your work level

July 20, 2020

Each day I do at least fifteen minutes of mindfulness to start off my day before I go downstairs to my laptop or in to the office. Why?

Mindfulness is known to help to reduce stress, improve your mood and help you to be more creative! When you have a busy day coming your way, it is important to know that you are ready to take on the day and do not have to worry about anything that might be in the back of your head; good productivity is key to a successful day at work.

Here is a simple guide to help you practice mindfulness or even mediate. You can take a break at any point in the day to practice mindfulness.

• Choose a quiet place
• On your mind
• Dedicate 15 (or more) minutes purely to mindfulness

- Try to meditate in the morning – this gives you more energy and a successful mind set for the day

- Or at night- this helps you to wind down after a day at work and have a better sleep

- Set a reminder in your diary to make sure that your do not forget and get preoccupied by other activities

- Fight distractions when meditating – Sitting in silence doing nothing is challenging, but is something that you can learn over time

If you are unsure about where to start with mindfulness, then apps such as Calm and Headspace can really help you out.

Having a healthy balanced diet is also invaluable!

• Never miss breakfast – this is the most important meal of the day; it is important that you have fuel for the day!
• Eat at least 5 fruit or veg a day – Having fruit or veg is easy to have during the day; it makes the perfect snack. Swap your packet of crisps for an apple
• Avoid fast food at the office – it is easy to choose a fast food option at work, but I always find that cooking an extra portion at dinner time, or meal prepping at the weekend is the best way to avoid this.

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