How to handle going viral!

March 2, 2020

Going viral is every marketers dream. It can do wonders for business from spreading your message far and wide to gaining brand credibility, not to mention it is free marketing! While every brand hopes to achieve this, it takes time and determination. The important thing is to be prepared for when your content does go viral. Capitalising on the momentum by having a strategy in place can further increase brand visibility and credibility. So, how do you handle going viral?


1. React with interaction to keep the conversation going

Stay on top of the conversation by reacting to comments and retweets. Make sure you cover all your social media platforms. This keeps the audience informed, increases the momentum and most importantly gets your business out there. Interacting with the audience may open the door to new clients and opportunities.


2. Keep existing clients informed

Keep your loyal clients in the loop. Pop them an email newsletter to let them know how well your campaign is going and where they can access this online. This will encourage them to share your content and remain dedicated customers.


3. Seek out media opportunities

Going viral is leverage for media attention.Whether it’s a comment or an entire article in a magazine or newspaper, a mention on the news or reactions from industry leaders, this will do wonders for your brand visibility. Time is of the essence, you must act fast to source and secure these opportunities before the virality declines.

4. Convert viral visitors

Be prepared for viral traffic to hit your website and use this opportunity to increase your client base. Have a temporary call-to-action to direct the traffic to specific pages where they can either make a purchase or book your service. Encourage viral visitors to follow your social media pages too!


5. Enjoy the success!

Don’t forget to congratulate yourself and your team for this achievement! This is what you work hard for, as mentioned in the introduction – going viral is every marketers dream. Reflect on what worked for this campaign so you can apply the same strategies in the future.


The team at 2xN have first-hand experience with going viral (did you see the violin being played during an operation recently?). Feel free to get in contact to discuss our experience and how we can help your business.

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