Journey into digital marketing and 2xN

June 29, 2020

This week is a blog from our newest recruit, Naomi Wheeler. She joined us in October 2019....

Last summer I finished my A-levels in photography and business diploma. After two hard years of work I had come out of school with anA and two B’s. Knowing what job you want to do is such a hard decision to make, and was something that took me a while to decide.


At the start of October, I started work experience with 2xN so that I could get a feel for the world of marketing. Nearly a year later and it has turned into my first proper job. Here are some of the lessons that I have learnt along the way!

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – no one knows everything, so it is ok to ask for help, especially when you starting a job that you know nothing about!


2. Self-growth – I think that everyone can agree that the transition from school to work is a big step. I have noticed that I have become a lot more independent and matured a lot


3. Check your work – I don’t always get everything right the first time; no one does. Reading through your work is essential to ensure that you have a high-quality end product. If you still are sure on your work get one of your colleagues to have a look with a fresh eye!


4. Learn from the rest of your team – it is likely that your team around you will have more experience in the job; use this to your advantage.

5. Take opportunities to grow – watch your colleagues and learn from them. I have learnt how to build a website and run multiple social media arounds, along with much more!

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