Radio Advertising

September 30, 2019

Radio advertising is a powerful strategy to boost business in the healthcare sector. We live in an evolving digital age, however radio has stood the test of time. Research has found that we spend almost the same amount of time listening to the radio now as we did in 2011. So why should we include radio advertising in our marketing strategy? The following points explain just how effective radio advertising is.


Radios ads require less resources compared to other marketing strategies, and less resources means lower costs. The main expenses incurred include airtime and production. There are not many cost-effective marketing strategies that can reach a large audience like radio can, so it is an opportunity not to be missed.


Measurable results

Results are not only measurable, they are fast too. Results can be tracked on a daily basis, so you know almost instantly if the ad is getting a positive response or not. The major benefit over print media is that you have the opportunity to tweak the ad if it is not generating the response you expected.



Specific demographic groups and market segments can be targeted via radio. If you don’t already know, find out what radio stations your clients listen to. The benefit here is twofold. One: Getting to know your clients will strengthen your relationships leading to greater trust and loyalty. Two: You can target like-minded people when you know which radio stations your clients listen to.

Increased Frequency

What radio adverts can you remember off the top of your head? We are likely to remember ads with catchy sound bites that are played repeatedly. It is the repetitiveness that makes them stick in our minds. When listeners are loyal to one radio station the increased frequency of an ad will leave a larger impact.


More Memorable

It is a fact that compared to printed media we are more likely to remember a radio ad, as sound is more effectively stored in our minds.Plus, radio ads have the potential to be emotive and require the listener to conjure up their own image of the product or service which will also create a lasting memory. Making listeners actively think about your business intuitively increases their awareness of your brand.



Loyal listeners will already trust the radio station they listen to. This trust will then extend to the ads that the radio station plays, after all, why would a radio station agree to play the ad if they did not approve of it? This would be a disservice to their listeners.

In the technological era we live in we have more devices a tour finger tips than ever. Mobiles, laptops, digital assistants (eg: GoogleAssistant and Amazon Alexa), the list goes on. The fact is that we can easily access radio stations on the move, we are no longer limited to the car or kitchen radio. This increases the scope of radio listeners and therefore the success of your radio ad.

The team at 2xN are experienced in creating radio ads for the healthcare sector. If you would like to make an enquiry please contact us by clicking here clicking here.

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