The importance of logo design

November 11, 2019

When starting a new business, it is more than likely that your to-do list will be longer than your arm. One important aspect to make time for is your logo. Once this is in place it creates a visual for your brand and communicates to consumers in a way that words can’t. If that isn’t enough to persuade you, then take a look at our top reasons as to why is logo design is crucial for your business:

It reveals your identity

The primary role of a logo is to identify the brand behind it. It is more than an aesthetically pleasing image, it is a point of recognition for clients and an important foundation for the branding of your business. Think about how people will interact with your company for the first time. Whether it is through your website, social media channels, a business card or at a conference, you want to make a positive first impression and it is hard to do this with words alone.  

It provides a foundation for your visual brand

Once you have a logo, all other visual branding decisions can stem from this. It is useful to have a set of ‘brand guidelines’ to detail exactly what your logo consists of (colours, fonts) and how it should be used in different applications. This helps to build visual consistency and brand memorability.

It makes your brand stickier

How frustrating is it when you can’t remember the name of a business? More often than not you can still describe the logo, and someone will know the answer. A distinctive logo makes your brand easier to recall because shapes and colours are easier for the human brain to process and memorise than words are. Therefore, even if the logo does not include the business name, the consumer should be able to make the link.

It influences consumer decisions

For most people, when we see a logo we will instantly make a snap judgement as to whether we like it or not. This changes the way in which we perceive the business behind the logo. This is why it is important that the logo represents the business in order to attract the right audience.

It communicates professionalism and builds trust

When you are starting a new business, it can be difficult to gain the trust of customers and investors. That’s why it helps to have a strong logo behind you. If your business looks professional from the outside people are willing to take a step inside to see what it is all about.

It distinguishes you from the competition

A good logo should dare to be different. It should reflect your business and distinguish it from the competition. Before designing your own logo, take a look at your competitor’s logo’s, what colours, fonts and pictures do they use? Make sure you stand out in a good way by thinking outside the box when it comes to logo design.

If you are setting up a business and need an impressive logo, or thinking of redesigning your current brand, the 2xN team would be delighted to help you! Please get in contact with the team by clicking here.

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