The Power of Online Reviews

May 9, 2019

Online reviews are a powerful tool to raise your business profile and generate trust. They give you the opportunity to hear what patients have to say about you; the good, the bad and the ugly. The aim is to make sure that your business generates positive reviews which ultimately increases your patient base and boosts revenue. Take a look at the following six methods to achieve this.

1. Monitor your Google My Business rating

The most popular review site is Google. When a customer searches for a business on Google, whether this be a private healthcare clinic or a restaurant, one of the first things to come up to the right of the results is the customer reviews. If your business does not already have a Google My Business page, then create one. Claiming your Google My Business page will allow you to view and respond to reviews.

2. Monitor the major review sites

Google is not the only site where customers will post reviews. Other major sites such as Doctify and TopDoctors are popular in the healthcare sector. When it comes to healthcare, your potential clients are likely to carry out thorough research so they know they have the best team looking after them. Therefore, they will be looking for as many reviews as possible, which means you need to do the same to ensure there are no nasty surprises lurking on review websites.

3. Improve your star rating

The higher your star rating the more potential clients will trust your business and choose you over a competitor. Think about it, would you use a business that has a 3-star rating or lower? Probably not, you want the gold standard which is reflected by 5-stars. Do not settle for less than your business deserves. Listen to your clients and take on board their feedback to boost your rating.

4. Encourage customers to review your business

The more reviews the better. Do not be scared to ask your customers to provide you with a review, the worst they can say is no. Remember, online reviews are an on-going marketing strategy, do not stop when you have a few good reviews under your belt. Potential clients look for current reviews, they want to know that they can trust your business in the here and now, not six months ago when the last review was posted.

5. Respond to your reviews

Be proactive and respond to reviews. Customers will appreciate being thanked for their review, plus it provides a real connection which will enhance their trust and loyalty. Tread carefully with negative reviews, it comes as no surprise that these will dissuade customers from engaging with your business. When responding to negative reviews keep it polite and professional and try to fix the problem. You can put a positive spin on a negative review by solving the issue efficiently. Finally, remember that all bad reviews may not be entirely correct, if they are inappropriate you can ask the host site to remove them.

6. Use social proof on your website

When potential clients have clicked through to your website you can reinforce the fact they have made the right decision by displaying positive reviews. These can come in the form of testimonials or case studies.

It is never too late to start monitoring and responding to your business’s online reviews.

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