The Power of Print

February 9, 2019

We live in a world of technology. Smart phones have become a fifth limb, laptops perch on our laps and smart watches have taken convenience to the next level.  Through these sources we are exposed to a wealth of digital advertising. Clearly, digital ads have their place and are proven to work. But what about printed advertising? From leaflets to magazines, this is an underestimated, powerful tool and contrary to belief, print is certainly not dead. Take a look at our top 5 reasons why print ads should form part of your marketing strategy.

Tangibility increases engagement

Physically holding a leaflet or flicking through a brochure engages more senses than digital ads. For this reason, they stand out from the crowd and it is said that printed ads leave a stronger impact on the consumer. Plus, a tangible ad that takes your interest is likely to stick around for a while - whether this be on your fridge or sat on the coffee table. This means that if immediate action is not taken it is more likely to happen at a later date due to this physical reminder.

Increased credibility

Consumers tend to believe print ads over digital. With fake advertising on social media making the news recently, this has made us question the credibility of ads we see online. Of course, there are still many credible digital ads out there, and these can be reinforced by the use of print. Print ads are associated with quality and they earn greater respect from consumers. For example, an ad in a reputable magazine brings greater brand loyalty through this association.

Take advantage of ‘unplugging’

As mentioned before, we live in a world of technology. Every now and then we chose to rebel with phone-free evenings or abandoning all technology for a holiday. Some have ditched their mobile phones altogether. When faced with the freedom of a ‘digital-less’ world we turn to books, magazines and other print media to occupy ourselves.

Print readers are more focused

If you’re still reading this, chances are you have a big attention span. These days we are easily distracted by technology - Google returns zillions of results which makes us open more tabs than needed, emails pop up at a rate that feels like a splat the rat game, not to mention the multiple messages flying in on your WhatsApp group. It’s no wonder that print readers are more focused as they are not faced with these distractions when browsing over a leaflet, business card or magazine.

Target specific demographics

With print ads you have the ability to reach specific demographics that you may not be able to reach with digital ads. For example, you can target a particular audience through a niche publication or another group by handing out flyers at a conference. Of course, print ads can still target broader areas or markets through direct mail.

For these reasons print ads are a fantastic tool to engage customers with your brand. Although they are found to drive more action than digital ads, it is still advised to include digital ads in your marketing strategy as they bring other benefits which will be explored in another blog post!

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