The ripple effect – why tiny changes create big results

April 20, 2020

Now more than ever we need to find ways to stay sane, stay positive and be the best we can be. When we talk about the ripple effect it’s all about starting small and growing and this applies to so many walks of live. Here we are talking about you and your life and the small changes you can make which might just have a really big impact on your life. We aren’t saying that this will fix everything instantly but you might be surprised at how making these little changes can make you feel a whole lot better. So, without further ado, here they are!

1. Try not to check your phone the minute you wake up

This allows you to wake up with a clear mind and start the day positive. The last thing you need after a good night’s sleep is to be bombarded with emails and messages that have come in overnight. In lockdown its almost easier - if you’re still working the same hours and getting up in your normal routine you’ve saved on travel time. Use that time to make a cup of tea, read, have breakfast, exercise. Don’t let your working day start the minute you wake up.

2. Good habits you want to fit into your life, anchor them to habits you already have

For example, if you want to get active but you currently aren’t very, do it whilst you do something you already do. Try this -do 5 minutes of squats whilst the kettle boils and you’re making your morning tea. I bet that if you enjoy it you can extend it next time, before you know it, you’ll be doing more and more – queue the ripple effect.

3. Meditation

I was sceptical at first, I didn’t think I had time for this! But trust me, start with just 5 mins per day. It’s brilliant because it allows you to escape for a few minutes, to clear your mind and come back completely fresh and ready to take on the day.

4. Start the day with a positive thought

Just one thing that you are thankful for, that you enjoy or you are excited about. It can truly change the course of the day - I can’t emphasise this enough, this is the ripple effect in full force!

5. Drinking more water

The positive impacts are endless. Staying well hydrated helps you skin, your energy levels, your sleep and your mood.

6. Target for the day

Give yourself a purpose for the day.Set yourself a set of challenges, write a to do list, the more you tick off, the better you feel. The list doesn’t have to contain life changing, huge goals. Start small and build up, once you achieve one the motivation to continue achieving has a really powerful knock on effect to continue and do more. The sense of achievement as you tick those things off the list is just great!

7. Walk

It has been said that exercise is “the super power we didn’t know we had”. Whether is going for a walk, going for a run, doing a weights session, a circuit in the garden, a swim or anything that gets you moving, I guarantee you feel instantly great afterwards. It clears your mind, it’s great for your health and it endorphins which boost your mood.

8. It’s ok to say no

In fact it is healthy to do so sometimes.You don’t always have to say yes. This was one of the hardest habits to pick up but I have now realised that it is ok to say no or not right now. You don’t always have to please everyone. It is ok to take time for yourself, to do what you want to do or to do nothing at all. If you are over stretched, over worked or just really don’t fancy doing something, be honest with yourself and say no!

9. Only worry about the things you have control over

It can consume you otherwise. There are so many things, especially at the moment, that we all worry about and this is normal but if you can try to split those worries into things you have direct control over and things you don’t. Try to distance yourself from those which you cannot control. Suddenly you’re left with a much smaller, more manageable list and I bet that many of them you change something small to make them much better. Don’t let them consume you!

10. Flip a negative thought on its head

Rather than thinking about what you’re missing think about all of things that you have. Rather than worrying about all the things you can’t do, think about everything you can do, and how you can help others.


I would bet that even trying a couple of these things will have a positive affect on your mood, feelings, sleep and therefore probably productivity – there you have the ripple effect. Have a go – you might surprise yourself!

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