Tips for writing social media posts

January 28, 2019

Writing social media posts as a business is a different ball game to writing and posting as an individual. Why? The success of your business depends on it! You want to attract attention and encourage people to click through to your website or blog and engage with your business. Take a look at our top tips for writing social media posts below.

When scrolling through your social media pages are you more likely to read a lengthy paragraph or a short, concise post? Chances are it’s the latter. Short posts get to the point, they are easy to skim read and act as a teaser. After all the idea is to capture the user’s interest, if they want more they can visit your website or blog.

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Compelling images will capture an individual’s attention and direct their focus to your post. Make sure images relate to the post, don’t create confusion!  

Write casually, remember you are directing the post at the public, not a board of directors. Forget the corporate jargon and write as though you are speaking directly to your customer. BUT don’t let spelling and grammar slide, this will make the brand look unprofessional.

You want people to take action after reading your post, make it easy for them by providing a link. This is not to say that you want them to buy a product or service from you after reading every post, but you do want them to engage with your brand.  

I don’t know about you, but I’m a perfectionist. I cannot settle until I know my work is flawless. This approach should be adopted when writing social media posts. Your posts are (hopefully) reaching a large audience so don’t settle for the first sentence that pops into your head. Play with it, refine it, make sure it tempts the reader to find out more.

Once you’ve mastered writing great posts, don’t let your effort go to waste by ignoring questions or comments. Try to respond in the same style, this way users will grow to recognise your brand voice. Make sure you are polite and friendly at all times. If customers have a query you cannot resolve via social media provide alternative ways they can contact you. Being upbeat and cheerful will make people want to engage with your brand, it will give your posts more likes, shares and comments. This helps to increase brand awareness amongst social media users and creates positive connotations with your brand.

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