Top 6 Benefits of Digital Marketing

March 12, 2019

If I challenged you to go one day without seeing any digital marketing, could you do it? In the increasingly digital world we live in, the answer is most probably no. As most of us are exposed to some form of digital marketing on a daily basis, this is a great marketing strategy to reach your intended audience. This is not to say that print advertising and other traditional methods are obsolete, they have many advantages is their own right, take a look at The Power of Print post for more information. However, this post is studying the benefits of digital marketing, giving reasons as to why this is something that every business should be investing in.

The benefits of digital marketing:

Cost effective

Digital marketing offers an affordable alternative to traditional print. Whilst print ads and other offline advertising methods like TV ads are certainly effective, they tend to come with a higher price tag. The lower cost of digital marketing reduces the barriers to entry for smaller businesses and provides a higher return on investment.


A huge advantage of digital marketing is that you can track results almost immediately after launching an ad. Analytical tools provide detailed reports which can give you information such as how many people opened an email or clicked on a link from a social media post. This information makes it easy to adapt your strategy for best results.

Reaches larger audiences

The internet is a powerful tool when it comes to digital marketing. Geographical location no longer becomes a barrier to success as you have a global audience at your fingertips. You are still able to target specific demographics within this large audience. As mentioned above, by using analytical tools you can modify these demographics if you are not getting the results you expected.


Digital marketing allows you to create a personalised journey for the customer. By using their interests and preferences you are able to send tailored marketing messages. This has the benefit of making customers feel listened to and appreciated.

Improved conversion rates

With digital ads it is easier for a customer to click on a call-to-action, compared to print ads where they might need to pick up the phone. This means that digital ads tend to get higher conversions than print. But, print ads are still useful as they complement digital ads as part of a wider marketing strategy. Print ads often plant the seed in a customer’s brain and by the time they see the digital ad they are ready to act on it.

Targeting customers on social media

Do you have a social media account? Whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or another site, most people are likely to have at least one of these. Therefore, a benefit of digital marketing is that many of your customers can be targeted through social media campaigns.

Digital marketing is a fantastic tool for businesses with smaller marketing budgets. However, if you have larger resources, a strategy that combines print and digital ads will reap greater rewards in terms of conversion rates and ultimately increasing revenue.

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