Twitter Do's & Don'ts

August 21, 2019

Twitter is a fantastic social media platform for lead generation and customer service. For businesses it is essential to maintain a professional online presence to gain the trust and loyalty of followers. Whether you have just opened a Twitter business account or you have an existing account that requires a bit of TLC, take the following ‘do’s and don’ts’ into consideration next time you log in.

The Do’s

1.    Do optimise your profile

First things first, complete your profile. Choose an appropriate profile picture and header image. Fill in your biography, and describe your business using keywords. The biography is also a good place to insert links to your website in addition to the dedicated space to add a link. This means you can have one link directly to your websites homepage and another to a blog or service page.


2.    Do be consistent

Consistency is two-fold. First, keep yourTwitter name and Twitter handle the same. Secondly, remember to post on aregular basis so that your followers know you are active and open for business.


3.    Do plan

If you have a Twitter account for your business then it should be part of your marketing strategy. Just as you would plan for other marketing activities it is essential that you plan and scheduleTwitter posts. This includes the content, links, images or videos and hashtags.


4.    Do engage with others

Engaging with others is equally as important as posting your own content. There are many opportunities for engagement on this platform. You can comment on, like and retweet posts, join in chats and follow event hashtags. Doing this will increase your exposure and help to make new connections.


5.    Do use visuals

Visual content such as images and videos will catch the eyes of users and reel them in to take a closer look at your content.Visuals can be of new products, an image from a new blog post or a friendly picture of your team at work! Make sure to have relevant profile and header images too.

The Don’ts


1.    Don’t follow everyone

Following numerous accounts is an easy trap to fall into with the hope that everyone will follow you back. Follow those you are genuinely interested in seeing posts from. If you follow every account under the sun, not only will your feed be filled with content you don’t care about, but you may miss out on the valuable content from those you do want to hear from.


2.    Don’t forget about security

It is worth updating your password frequently or consider using a password management software system to avoid your account being hacked. Needless to say, if any of your social media accounts are hacked this can be extremely damaging to your business’s reputation.


3.    Don’t be insensitive

In order to boost your following it is tempting to add top trending hashtags to your posts. This can work well if you understand the story behind the top trending hashtags. To avoid being insensitive do your research on the hashtags, why are they being used? For example, if there is a tragedy then any comments you chose to make must be entirely non-promotional.


4.    Don’t tweet about yourself only

If it’s all ‘me, me, me’ your followers will get annoyed and bored. Of course, it’s great to show off your business’s achievements or new services, but don’t forget to take an interest in others too. Twitter can be a valuable resource to learn from others and you can pass on this knowledge by retweeting and adding a comment with your thoughts.


5.    Don’t make grammatical errors

This is pretty obvious. But nonetheless we are all human and capable of making grammatical mistakes.  To avoid this double check your posts and don’t use shortcuts. If you’re not sure about a spelling or if a post makes sense, get a colleague to check it over. Typo’s and poor punctuation are a sure way to deter potential clients as it looks unprofessional.

At 2xN we are proud to actively manage several of our clients Twitter accounts. If you would like to know how we can help you manage yours then please get in contact by clicking here.

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