Website design trends

September 3, 2019

Website designs are rapidly evolving with the creation of new trends and technologies. This is great news for those looking to create anew website or rebranding, as there are numerous ways your business can standout from the competition. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, whilst some may like a particular design, others might detest it. The trick is to make sure your target market will appreciate your website design.

Here is a list of our favourite website design trends so far this year:

Black and white palettes

You only have to look at the 2xN website to realise we are fans of black and white. Daring black and white websites are making an impact as they go completely against the advice of using vivid colours to catch the user’s attention. When colour is missing it makes the textures and shapes within the image clearer which provides a sleek finish to the website. At 2xN we have fully embraced this trend and it is most definitely a favourite of ours.

Glitch art

Glitches are an unintentional phenomenon, traditionally they would be avoided at all costs. But these eye-catching images or snippets of video give a slightly retro, nostalgic feel to content. The user can’t help but be drawn in to the psychedelic look. Glitch art will help to engage the user, encouraging them to explore the rest of your website and learn what your business has to offer.


Micro-interactions are small product moments designed to achieve a single task. For example, a notification popping up on a website or a swipe animation appearing on your screen. These are important as they provide user empowerment and engagement by providing instant feedback and prevent user errors.   

More video content

You won’t be surprised to hear that videos are a huge trend right now. Videos are engaging, and they are a great way to inform clients about your products and services. But don’t bombard them with lengthy videos, keep them concise and relevant to hold the user’s attention.

Minimalistic layouts

Minimalism is a timeless aspect of design. This is another of our favourite trends as the website looks clean, with more white-space this focuses the user’s attention exactly where you want it. Minimalistic design also makes the page load faster and with fewer elements the website is easier to navigate.

Thumb-friendly navigation

The convenience of reaching for our phone compared to firing up a laptop or desktop computer means that our mobiles have become the gateway to website browsing.

Navigation tailored to the thumb will specifically help users browsing on their mobiles. This may be something that many users take for granted, think about it next time you use your mobile. Is the website tailored for thumb-friendly navigation? You’ll soon realise that this design trend is one that is here to stay!

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