What is Video Marketing?

March 19, 2019

It’s what it says on the tin - video marketing is a marketing tool where video is used to convey brand messages. This can include how-to videos, customer testimonials, a live video from a conference, the list goes on. These can be shared across social media platforms, your website, electronic billboards, essentially wherever you can display a video!

Research by HubSpot found that 500 million people are watching Facebook videos everyday and that 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter. With stats like these the video boom is well and truly in its prime and has no intention of slowing, which is why it is essential to incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

The Benefits of Video Marketing

Videos boost SEO

Videos are engaging and capture the viewer’s attention more easily than words and images. For this reason, they get more likes and shares which increases your ranking, and ultimately drives more traffic to your site. Adding all videos to YouTube and tagging them will also work wonders for your SEO.

Videos increase conversion rates

According to research, including a video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Let’s face it, it is easier to watch a video than read a bulk of text. If you can convey the benefits of your service or product in a video then customers are more likely to listen and absorb this information compared to reading it.

Videos improve open and click-through rates

Email marketing can be a tricky area to get right. How do you get customers to open your email and click through to your website when they have hundreds of emails sitting in their inbox? You’ve guessed it, include a video! Research has found that including the word video in the subject boosts open rates by 19% and clickthrough rates by 65%.

Videos create an emotional connection

Videos can take a customer’s emotional connection with your brand to the next level. Think of all the elements you can include in a video which cannot be conveyed through text or images – emotional music, facial expressions, changing scenery and colours, tone of voice. By evoking more senses and showing what goes on behind the scenes, videos can build trust between customers and brands.

Video is easily accessible

As mentioned previously there are many outlets for videos to be displayed. Accessibility is enhanced by smartphones, tablets and laptops where videos can be anywhere at any time. The most popular viewing platforms are on social media where popular videos can spread like wildfire.

Videos boost information retention

What can you remember more – a paper advert or a TV advert? It is more than likely the latter. The reason for this is that we are more likely to retain and recall information when both our visual and audio senses are stimulated rather than just one or the other.

Interested in making video marketing part of your strategy? Feel free to get in touch here.

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