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How to handle going viral!

March 2, 2020

Going viral is every marketers dream. It can do wonders for business from spreading your message far and wide to gaining brand credibility, not to mention it is free marketing!

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Twitter Do's & Don'ts

August 21, 2019

Twitter is a fantastic social media platform for lead generation and customer service. For businesses it is essential to maintain a professional online presence to gain the trust and loyalty...

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Social Media Platforms

November 29, 2018

Social media is a fantastic tool to connect with your target audience and market your product or service. But with so many platforms to choose from - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...

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Social Media Marketing

October 6, 2018

Following our previous post ‘Do I need to rebrand?’, this post outlines how a rebranding strategy will benefit your business and ultimately increase your bottom line...

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Tips for writing social media posts

January 28, 2019

Writing social media posts as a business is a different ball game to writing and posting as an individual. Why? The success of your business...

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