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The Challenge

Anna Raurell had enjoyed a number of years of successful practice, both private and NHS. When 2xN started working with Anna she was looking for an injection of ideas and strategy to boost her private practice.

The Strategy

2xN began by looking at Anna's target market and her USPs before putting together a tailored strategy to drive growth. Focussing on the key points which make Anna one of the leaders in her field alongside her exceptional skills was the mainstay of the strategy 2xN presented to Anna.

The Results

The strategy involved expanding Anna's digital footprint and making her both more accessible and relatable to her patients. 2xN took a two-pronged approach and within just a month Anna Raurell had a new, professional website and social media channels to support it. The website provides prospective patients with all the information they could require whilst the social channels expand Anna's reach across the UK. The comprehensive social media strategy has seen Anna's clinic grow rapidly in patient numbers as well as online engagements. Anna Raurell: "You have been very proactive as a company. You have listened to my suggestions and you have answered my queries always promptly. The team have been very approachable and worked very effectively. I am very happy with the look of my website!! I highly recommend 2xN!"

Testimonial from the Client