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The Challenge

Having established a reputation as one of the UK’s leading headache specialists during his work with the NHS, Mr Lambru sought support from 2xN to transfer his success into private practice.

The Strategy

2xN worked to cement Mr Lambru’s reputation as a specialist in his fields of neurology and headache. We took advantage of Giorgio’s public profile – a prolific writer, his work is well quoted and his voice, trusted. We expanded this presence from peer to public, working to establish Lambru as a strong personality on social media and building a website from scratch to encapsulate his strengths and patient offering.

The Results

Mr Lambru’s private clinic is not only established, but moving from strength to strength. In its first few months, the practice expanded such that new administrative and clinical staff were required to maintain the volume of patients and care it attracted – 2xN oversaw the recruitment and training of these new personnel, and continues to work with Lambru to maintain and build on this success.

Testimonial from the Client