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The Challenge

LNA CPD approached 2xN to lead on a top down rebrand, this meant everything from logo branding to website design and messaging across all social media channels. The aim was to reach a wider audience and drive business growth through diversifying their offering.

The Strategy

2xN put their creative heads together to fully rebrand LNA as the Leading National Academy, giving careful consideration to logo design, clear messaging and maintaining the glowing reputation the company had built up.

The Results

LNA CPD is enjoying a flurry of new business and a much wider range of courses. 2xN has helped LNA to expand not only in central London but across the UK, successfully launching events in Manchester and Nottingham. The social media reach and digital footprint is ever expanding and LNA continues to enjoy the results of 2xN's hard work. Following the success of rebrand, 2xN is now the 'go-to' events management company for running all of LNA CPD's events across the UK.

Testimonial from the Client