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The Challenge

London Lupus Centre asked 2xN to support their existing practice whilst steering the organisation into new areas of growth.

The Strategy

London Lupus Centre’s expansion was strategised following extensive research into its context and competitors. 2xN zeroed in on LLC’s specialist areas, translating the clinic’s expertise into a dynamic marketing campaign designed to invigorate and expand its reach.

The Results

2xN’s intervention comprised a complete revision of LLC’s branding – from logo to website, marketing to events, patient experience was identified as the clinic’s highest priority. Devising a programme of evening meetups to provide mutual support between sufferers as well as direct access to specialist clinicians, 2xN’s vision for LLC’s digital presence was as patient-focused as its event offering. Raising awareness, doctors’ insights, symptom guides and serving an online community have all characterised 2xN’s strategy for LLC’s agenda online. Since its implementation, the practice has seen huge growth, whilst strengthening established relationships with existing patients.

Testimonial from the Client