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The Challenge

When 2xN began working with LUA, the practice had already enjoyed several years of steady success. As momentum slowed, 2xN were asked to strategise and oversee a new period of growth.

The Strategy

2xN began by looking closely at what was in place before drawing up plans for LUA’s brand development. The team examined the practice’s history, performance, audiences and position in its field to assess strengths, weaknesses and avenues for growth. Having reviewed the clinic’s progress and reputation to date, 2xN proposed a rebrand: LUA’s founding ethos and high standards of care remained as key touchstones, forming a foundation for its expansion and development.

The Results

We strategised for growth in both the practice’s scope and accessibility, always using patient satisfaction as our primary metric for success. 2xN’s work with LUA encompassed a new website as well as marketing campaigns via digital and direct paths, all emerging from direct consultations and rigorous research with the clinic’s existing and prospective audiences.

Testimonial from the Client