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The Challenge

After launching in 2008, the London Neurosurgery Partnership’s fast-acquired reputation for collaborative and unparalleled care in spine and neurosurgery saw it enjoy rapid organic growth. In 2017, inspired by their historic success and eager to break new ground, LNP resolved to expand their business throughout London and beyond.

The Strategy

2xN began at the beginning, taking time to fully understand the practice’s ethos, structure and ambitions. Once the foundations were in place, we got to work identifying new market segments, revenue sources and marketing opportunities for a comprehensive strategy to expand LNP’s reach and capacity.

The Results

2xN undertook a full rebrand of London Neurosurgery Partnership, building a website from scratch and implementing an overhaul of the practice’s social media strategy. Highly targeted marketing activity – including a bespoke programme of networking events, as well as engagements to the GP and other associated businesses – saw a two-fold increase in online searches for the practice and a surge in out-patient appointments. 2xN continues to work with LNP, both maintaining their online presence and continuing to explore new avenues for growth.

Testimonial from the Client