Is your practice growing faster than you can handle – or do you just wish it was?

Is marketing last on your list when it’s time for new business?

You’re busy backstage – let us handle front-of-house.

Is your practice growing faster than you can handle – or do you just wish it was?

Is marketing last on your list when it’s time for new business?

You’re busy backstage – let us handle front-of-house.

The Ideas

2xN believes that the best results come from a holistic approach. Starting with the big picture before zooming in, we’re committed to considering every aspect of your practice – and working directly with the people who know it best – to understand just what’s needed.


First impressions count, and 2xN works with clients to make sure their public face is as slick as their internal operation. Professional copy writing, contemporary brand identity and consistency across platforms are just a few ways to ensure your practice stands out for all the right reasons in a crowded market. We’re here to translate your clinical excellence into an offering that patients can understand and engage with: call it front of house, while you’re busy backstage.

Business Development

2xN knows first-hand how tough setting up a business can be – and that’s why we’re well placed to help you steer yours to its next level. While maintenance and refinement are our bread and butter, we pride ourselves on working with clients to bring existing enterprises to their full potentials. By aligning our activities with your goals, and ambition with hands-on solutions, 2xN covers more than marketing: we can offer everything from a rebrand to a top-down rethink.

Content Creation

2xN is anything but style-over-substance – while it’s our job to deliver beautiful brands and wonderful websites, we’re also pretty good at creating content to fill them.  From online bios to tweets and Instagram captions, from brochure copy to a fully-fledged blog, 2xN offers a comprehensive service using both in-house expertise and commissioned creatives across video, graphic design and more to bring depth to your public surface.

Social Media

Look, you’re busy – and that’s where we come in. While social media might seem omni-present, it’s a common misconception that its management is a simple task to add to your formidable to-do list. Valuable, organic growth in your profiles comes from consistency, careful planning and hard work. It takes an expert eye to assess an organisation’s potential, and to craft the perfect tone for online engagement.  2xN offers a full social media service tailored to your practice’s needs – whether it’s a gentle pruning or an overhaul, we work hard to make it look easy.  


2xN encompasses an in-house events management service. Whether you’re organising conferences, workshops, seminars, faculty dinners or annual parties, we’ve got years of experience in central London as well as further afield– not to mention the strong relationships with venues, hotels and caterers which come as standard. While events are a great way to put a face to a name, and engage your audience in person, they’re likewise an opportunity to expand a brand’s story: let us handle logistics, so your campaign can take centre stage.

Target Marketing

It doesn’t matter how relevant your voice, if it falls on deaf ears. 2xN uses research, testimony and technology to identify your existing audiences and new ones, too. Make sure you’re reaching clients who want what you’re offering by engaging 2xN’s targeted marketing expertise. Is it word of mouth which delivers the bulk of your new business? Online referrals? Print advertising? We’ll mobilise what’s in place before expanding your reach by identifying who’s hearing you – and who should be.

The Results

Case Studies

2xN’s portfolio spans established practices and innovative product launches across London, the US and Europe, from relaxed refreshers to rigorous rebrands. Each project, and our approach to it, has been as unique as the client we worked with to execute a successful campaign:

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Engage with the brains behind 2xN

2xN is more than the sum of its parts – while those parts are pretty impressive, it’s in combination that we’re at our best. Our team is small but perfectly formed: browse below to meet us individually, and get in touch directly.

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